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What kids love the most about Eid?
It’s definitely not the food nor the new clothes… It’s the Eidiya? that they look forward to.

For you who doesn’t know what an Eidiya is, it is the money children receive from elder members of the family & their adult relatives on Eid, read more about it here Eid-ey-yah

How can we turn this traditional/religious event into a social media activity & mesh it with the real world? A twitter vending machine that will dispense gifts/Eidiya once a user follow the official twitter account of VIVA Bahrain?@VIVA_BH and tweets their favorite moments of Eid.

So how does it work?

All what is required is a data enabled smartphone & a public twitter account, parents had to follow the instructions on screen & it basically involves sending an Eid greeting tweet with #VIVAEidiya hashtag & a dynamic number that appears on screen.

Once the tweet is sent the, machine will look for that tweet & it will dispense a box that has Eidiya.

Different denominations (20,10. 8, 5, 3, 2, & .5 Bahraini Dinars) were placed randomly in the twitter vending machine, so no one would know how much is inside the box until they open it.

The video was shot @ Bahrain City Centre, the venue where the machine is/was placed at

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