The mobile web is evolving & its changing the way we interact online, this is a fact and we can?t change it.

We?ve recently witnessed an increase use of what we call smartphones (Blackberry, Iphones, android etc ?) ?which enables us to carry the internet with us everywhere we go? ( keeps us connected).

The slide below shows us how we are connected ?

Notice that Mobile devices are dominating the rest of the devices, day through night, so what do mobile users do online?

If you look back at the slide above, we can break down user?s activities into two categories:

  1. Search as a dominant function
  2. Social media as interaction

Hey sit down! Oh fine! I?ll add point #3. Games and I would directly point to the Iphone! Or should I rename pt #2 to Social Interactions and add games under it!

? fish where the fish are?

So what does that tells us? Is the ordinary web dying?
In my opinion (just me) websites will still play a big role as information portal ( product, services, who we are etc ?) and online brand presence while engaging with users/customers on social media and treat the web as a relationship management platform, yet enable mobile sites and mobile apps development [ prepare for the big shift ].

Unfortunately, we are still behind a bit when it comes to websites, I still bump into local sites that are not cross browser compatible ( works on IE but doesn?t work on FF or Safari ), looking at this, would they really consider building for mobile ? 🙂

Coming up next, a local mobile site review! Watch this space .