Here i am, hopeless drowning in my own tears … if i only had a gun i would have shot myself in the head and ended it.

i have been developing a website or trying to comeup with a concept…
during my experiment i had an error, a bug somewhere in the code, and since im new to actionscript 3, i fired-up google.

My best friend google & I were trying to lookup the error,? few websites had it all within, i couldn’t get it even though they probably had the solution for it.

Why? its obvious they were some french and Chinese websites, ah well dummy use google translate !!!
hell i cant, MOI blocked it …

oh they have an option to unblock it, but it doesnt function anyway!

i should probably learn french or Japs maybe some Chinese *&^@$#(&^#(*@^&(@*$% im too angry to post!!
If anyone of you ( Chinese, japs or french lucky bastards came across my blog, kindly post me the solution, thank you! )

snapshot of the day