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I am a 30 … or a 31 years old “not sure yet how that’s counted, perhaps older?online marketer from Bahrain.

I started my career back in 2002 with Geomatec as a network & system administrator (yes x-IT Geek), moved to Qtel’s wi-tribe group in 2007 & that’s when i switched careers & set a new career path, settled at VIVA Bahrain since 2010 with an awesome energetic team & recently blessed with an awesome boss… no, I am not kidding.

along the way, I was able to gain & grap lots of skills, I have developed few good websites, built up web applications, developed in Flash & actionscript, took a big part in keeping my SEO knowledge up-to date, analytics, marketing, usability & user experience, hacking… well a tad & the list is infinite…The best part above all is I got to know & made lots a friends across the globe online & offline, for keeps 🙂

Married to the love of my life (Moon) & blessed with a kiddo that looks like me (Yousif), got the best parents ever, what else would anyone wish for?
Feel free to ask me anything, You can contact me via my contact form or follow me on twitter @zainal

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Mohammed, Moe, ^MZ, 7amood, Zainal, Mega-Mind, Actionscripter, SEO nerd