If you asked me what moonfruit is 24 hours ago, i would tell you that its a tropical fruit that grows in Africa’s huge jungle lol!

But moonfruit isn’t really food, its a company that provide a DIY website building tools however, moonfruit are using twitter to spread awareness about the company & the services it provides using twitter! yes twitter …

if you aren’t familiar with what twitter is all about: its a microblogging platform that allows you to push your updates (tweets) of a 140 characters MAX, and maybe thats why twitter is gaining so much attention at the end of this medium, how hard is it to come up with a 140 or less characters update based on your selected topic? beside privacy ( well there isn’t much you can add on twitter as in personal information unlike facebook, every single info you add on to your profile is immortalized )

moonfruit launched a simple ( simple errrm i can be flamed here considering the 10 MAC pros )? #hashtag campaign were they have 10 MAC-Pro giveaways, one MAC everyday for 10 days celebrating the company’s 10th year anniversary, all what you have to do is tweet their name as a #hashtag ( #moonfruit ).

i picked up the story from one of the tweets and hashtaged their name, 3 hours later my whole list are hash-tagging moonfruit :s!

I consider this as a successful exposure & brand awareness campaign! well done #moonfruit !

Many? people use twitter to reach out their audience, which reminds me of “backer tweet“, never had the time to write about this topic, have a look at their site and watch the video on how they are using twitter for their benefit!

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