update 03 DEC 2009

after using the service for 4 months now, the connection seems to be unstable, lots of lag, slow & connection drop-downs


batelco released their new packages @ batelco’s website

Package details:

Speed: 2Mbps
Cap limit: 12 GB
No voice – optional
Internal CPE wi-fi enabled: BD 3 monthly rental
setup charges: BD 20
Contract Duration: 18 months ( you are getting married to the ISP )
Cancelation fee: BD 65 which is the device’s price.

Below is a comparison table between Mena & Batelco :



Download speed

Upload speed

Price in BD


2 Mbps

90 ms

2.42 Mbps

.25 Mbps

BD 30


2 Mbps

32 ms

1.79 Mbps

.43 Mbps

BD 60

i have also done a video review below, the first part is about the device, the second part is the speedtest, enjoy:

WiMAX from zainal on Vimeo.