Now don?t get me wrong, I was really satisfied when I moved from my previous web hosting services to, I?ve even started to refer friends online and offline to hostagtor hosting services ? until yesterday.

I was checking the SE rank for a client?s website on google and I noticed that it dropped down way far, HEK!

Started a new tab and navigated to that site and while it was loading I was like ? hmmm what on e?? & just before I was able to process that thought, the site loaded and holy gator! It?s a parked domain!

Why How When?i?reviewed?everything

Checked the cpanel of that site? no problem

Checked the Billing system for any pending payments ? no problem

Checked my emails for notifications from hostgator ? nothing at all

What on earth went wrong!? I remember renewing for a one year for that domain and it was working like a charm last time I checked!

I initiated a chat with the so called live support to investigate further more, below is the chat script:

Welcome to GatorChat!
You are being connected to a representative in our ‘Technical Support’ department right now.

For immediate answers to your questions, check out our knowledge base and video tutorials at?

Your Chat ID is xxxxxxxx

(8:58:32 AM)?System: There currently is 1 person in front of you.
There are currently 64 chat technicians assisting customers.

(8:58:38 AM)?System: There currently is 1 person in front of you.
There are currently 64 chat technicians assisting customers.

(8:58:49 AM)?System: There currently are 0 people in front of you.
There are currently 64 chat technicians assisting customers.

(8:58:51 AM)?Charles Sa: has entered the chat.

(8:58:52 AM)?Charles Sa: Hello, welcome to HostGator Live Chat. My name is Charles I will be glad to assist you today.

(8:58:58 AM)?Moe: Hi Charles

(8:59:03 AM)?Charles Sa: Hello.

(8:59:12 AM)?Moe: I have a problem with the domain name

(8:59:22 AM)?Moe: are you able to open the site ?

(8:59:46 AM)?Charles Sa: The domain looks like it is expired one moment please

(8:59:58 AM)?Moe: but i paid that already!

(9:00:40 AM)?Charles Sa: One moment please. I apologize for any delay.

(9:00:58 AM)?Moe: np

(9:01:44 AM)?Charles Sa: thank you

(9:07:31 AM)?Charles Sa: Thank you for waiting I am still working on this for you. Please allow me a few more moments.

(9:08:03 AM)?Moe: np, the only problem now is this is a client’s website

(9:08:32 AM)?Moe: and because of the problem i have lost some SE rankings

(9:08:54 AM)?Moe: now how would hostgator make it up for me?

(9:09:05 AM)?Charles Sa: Okay one moment please

(9:12:49 AM)?Charles Sa: Okay I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience the domain is in redemption status at this time, more information on redemption can be viewed here?

(9:14:03 AM)?Moe: sorry but i believe i have paid the bill and it was up and running with no problem

(9:14:11 AM)?Moe: i even renewed it for a year

(9:14:50 AM)?Moe: i wasn?t even notified that enom took it .

(9:15:25 AM)?Charles Sa: All domains are registered through enom.

(9:16:03 AM)?Moe: With all respect Charles, i dont care.

(9:16:11 AM)?Moe: i purchased the domain from hostgator

(9:16:18 AM)?Moe: Hostgator should be responsible

(9:18:33 AM)?Charles Sa: The reason the domain went in to redemption is you did pay the domain fees but did not inform us of the renew.

(9:18:53 AM)?Moe: excuse me ?

(9:19:02 AM)?Moe: inform you!?

(9:19:11 AM)?Moe: you have a billing system

(9:19:32 AM)?Moe: if your billing system fails to inform you, this isn’t my problem

(9:20:25 AM)?Moe: i dont want to go back and forth with this, is hostgator going to fix this problem or shall i leave?

(9:21:08 AM)?Charles Sa: I’d be glad to create a ticket to escalate this issue to our sales department for you, but I myself cannot give any immediate solution to this problem.

Funny me yeah yeah ?how would hostgator make it up for me? ?

What a lame excuse from such a big company ?you didn?t inform us? HAH!

Ohh Charles by the way this is an email to notify you that I have renewed the domain name please ask Enom not to lock it? thank you? bozo!


So now hostgator just didn?t really ?and let me put that in uppercase? CARE, they got their money + the one year renewal payment for absolutely nothing?

Read more about their hidden surprises here

And here comes the big lie ? a funny email from their techsupport:


I show that your account was invoiced on xx/xx/xxxx for the renewal of, however, payment was not made on that invoice until x/xx/xxxx. ( BULLSHIT ) Since payment was not made at the time of the domain expiration, the system could not proceed with the renewal.? As stated in our terms of service, you would have needed to contact us after you made payment, so that we could manually renew the domain for you.( BULLSHIT ? the site was running & the system accepted the payment? carry on )

At this time, the domain is in redemption, and will require an additional fee to have it released and renewed with our registrar.? If you would like to proceed with the renewal, just let us know.?? If you do not want to pay the redemption fee, you have two options:

1. Register a new domain using the $15 renewal fee that you have already paid.

2. Wait until it is release back to the public and registered it again.? The time frame for this varies with different registrars, and the best way to check is to do a domain lookup to see if the domain is available for registration.? You can use whois a lookup site like to check.

Please let us know how you wish to proceed.

Seriously!? So now im finally involved? ? where were you when Enom locked it down??

By the way, using the dns tools it still shows that I own the domain ? eyh!!

Even if that was true I paid through your billing system and it processed it.
The stupid site was up and running and it was parked or wasn?t on redemption Mr Daven T ?

Yep just another Holy Gator Bozo.

I was not notified that the domain got redempted, I was not notified that Enom is holding it I was not ?

I can go all the way down and smack your face at the end ? if you run such stupid systems you can always upgrade to get notified that people are paying their bills ?

Next time, take couple of days off to come-up with a better excuse ? ?you didn?t inform us? HAH!

Lame but I kinda like it!

In a nutshell, I?ll pay the additional fees, but they have lost me as a customer?? gotta read all terms and conditions and search for any hidden ?surprises? between the line before registering with them.