Have you been receiving many ( above the norm) add/invitation requests on linkedin? Is it a project manager or an HR Manager who works at a fancy company in UAE? ( Cisco, HP, Du etc…)

then look-out because they are just few scumbag scammers with an agenda.

See the screenshot of the invitation below, what do they all have in common?

Linkedin scammers
  • They don’t have a profile picture ( duh )
  • They are all project managers or HR Managers who have worked at either, Cisco, Du, Siemens
  • They are all located @ the UAE
  • They are all former cricket players, some have passed away already too. ( look up their names)

Another example, see Edward Finsh profile below, an HR Manager @ Cisco?

Now I looked up his name on the internet & I have also looked up his profile picture and it matched another profile on twitter (Lee Strauss) & then looked him up again on Linkedin, Tada:

Lee Strauss


weird ha? why would multiple fake account originated by the same group add you on linked in?

What is it in for them?