Galaxy Note 10.1 VS the new iPad [iPad 3]

Are you thinking of getting a new tablet & you are stuck between the two devices?

I personally haven't bought any tablet since the first iPad, Simply because I have been watching the tablets evolve for the past 3-4 years & non of them were able to get me convinced to replace the first iPad.

But this is different, I am referring to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, this is the door to the future,  an advanced tablet with real Multi-Tasking power. ( watch the video above & you'll know what I am talking about)

Below is a comparison table between ( Samsung Galaxy Note10.1 V.S the new iPad [iPad3]):


Galaxy Note 10.1 new iPad
Display 10.1"WXGA 9.7" Retina
Processor 1.4GHz Quad-Core 1GHz Dual-Core (A5X)
Memory 2GB RAM 1GB RAM
microSD Support Yes No
Front Camera 1.9MP (720p HD Recording) VGA
Back Camera 5MP w/LED Flash
720p HD Recording
1080 Full HD Recording
Additional Features TouchWiz, Hubs, AllShare Cast, WiFi Ch. Bonding, Dropbox, Smart Stay Voice Dictation /iMovie/ iPhoto
Digital Pen Writing S Pen Embedded
Adobe Photoshop Touch
[table_icon minus]
Multi Screen Yes No


[quote style="boxed" ]I'd give credit to the new iPad for its 1080 Full HD recording & the Retina display but the rest would go for the favour of Samsung Galaxy note 10.1[/quote]

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