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VIVA Got a new look!

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have spent a fair time researching, gathering requirements, design translation & dwelling into usability best practices for this project, I am now proud to announce that we have launched our new revamped website @ - I have highlighted below some of the new features that have been introduced with this release.



This is not the end , we have introduced way more features on our new website, go have a look yourself @ & remember this is just the beginning ;)

مراثي الورود - مرثية نقابة المصرفيين مهداة الى روح الفقيدة سيما عبدالله البستكي

 مرثية نقابة المصرفيين مهداة الى روح الفقيدة سيما عبدالله البستكي

هموم العمل المصرفي جمعنا في لقاء وحيد.. بين الاوراق والارقام اختلفنا ..بين النقابي والوطني اتفقنا ، في ذات البعد في ذات البرج تبادلنا الهموم المصرفية والمطلبية .. كان ذلك في ذات صباح ربيعي من ربيع 2011م.. هل كان ربيعاً ام خريفاً؟!!!

دارت الايام والفصول والجرح مفتوح لا يندمل.. تداولت مواقع التواصل وتنادت بالامس الى بنك الدم لفصيلة نادرة بندرة سيمائها ونشرنا في التضامن النقابي دعوة للاعضاء والاصدقاء.. ولكن كنسمة الصباح الندية غادرتنا فجاءة بشموخ واباء الامومة ولم يمهلها القدر يومين آخرين لتحتفل بعيد الام وكمنبع للامومة مع شمعتها الاولى اثر شمعة اخرى تهاوت معها في جوف القبر..

جمع غصت بهم مقبرة المنامة تنزف دمعها.. تتدافع في حس انساني مرهف.. خليط من البشر بمشاعر موحدة ، هكذا وحدتنا في موتها كما كانت تفعل في حياتها.. دموع في المآقي تذرف حباً لها ولفراقها.. نجمة اخرى هوت من سماء المصرفيين في سويعات الريح من سعفات النخيل الشامخات عبر نسمات الربيع، ودعت الى مثواها خير وداع.. وردة اخرى نزعت رحيقها لتحتضن ثرى الوطن الغالي..

تلتفت حولك يعجز قلمك تنظر في الوجوه تقرأ في العيون لغة اخرى.. سيماءً كسيماء وجوههم رجال ونساء متوشحين بالسواد.. حيث حملت ريشتها مسافراً لتنام في رحلتها الابدية نحو الخلود.. غادرتنا بهدوء الحمام تحمل رحيق الفراق حاملة ورد وشمع وفوانيس المحبة والطهارة الى الروح المسكونة بحب الجميع.. للآمال الكبار والاحلام الجميلة حيث لا مكان فيه للعسف والتعدي سعت.


للفقيدة الذكر الطيب ولأهلها وذويها الصبر والسلوان مصحوبة بالامنيات النقابية والانسانية الى جنة الخلد.  

خليل زينل

رئيس نقابة المصرفيين

Video: Weam Zabar - Founder of Namaste-Bahrain

Namaste is a new upscale destination in Budaiya offering holistic wellbeing experience. They offer a feng-shiu style center with a yoga studio, reiki treatment room, meditation room and a small retail shop in a serene and beautiful setting.

VIVA Racing team - Video

I joined VIVA Racing team @ the BIC to capture few moments from Round 2/Race 2 of the WGA Chevrolet supercars championship, the video splits into 3 parts: preparation, qualifying & the 2x races.

Special thanks to:
- VIVA Racing team & crew
- Tariq Zainal for the great photos

Shot with Canon 600D
Canon 50MM 1.4
Canon 18 - 135 3.5
shot @ 24 & 60fps
ISO 100 - 800
Shutter speed 50, 125 & 200

Raed Rafee

VIVA Bahrain Sponsors WGA Supercars Championships Racing Team

Raed Rafee
Raed Rafee

VIVA Bahrain is proud to announce its sponsorship of the VIVA Racing Team competing in the Western Gulf Advisory (WGA) Supercars Championship Middle East as part of this weekends National Racing Festival. The team consists of Bahraini 22-year-old, Raed Raffii and 38-year-old Australian Tarek Elgammal, who will be competing in the opening race of the series. In its fifth year, the WGA Supercars series is one of the most competitive and sought-after racing categories in the Gulf.


The team are now participating in the qualifying heats taking place on November 18th and then the first round of the race on November 19th. Raffii, who is also a Roaming and Interconnection Analyst at VIVA, has competed in the last two seasons of the WGA championship, winning 10 races and making the podium at 12 others.

With 10 years of racing experience behind him, he has won several endurance karting races all over the Middle East.


Elgammal on the other hand is a Supercar racing veteran who also doubles as a freelance senior instructor at the Dubai Autodrome and Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. He has competed for several years around the Middle East and as far afield as France, last securing 2nd place overall at the Chevrolet Supercars Middle East Championship 2010 in Dubai.


We are very proud to be part of such an important national championship event, commented Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA acting CEO. The Bahrain International Circuit is the proven leader of motorsport events in the region, and this National Racing Festival is sure to be an exciting time for all. We wish the teams best of luck and look forward to a good show.


The 2011/2012 campaign in the WGA Supercars will feature a total of six rounds, with two races per meeting. The calendar will run all the way until April of next year, when the championship finale will be held as part of the official support program of the Formula One Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

Color grading - warm & cool color cast comparison FCP-X

I guess I'll call it ( the weekend experiments ), If you have watched the video you may have noticed that I've crushed the blacks a tad, the main reason why I have done this experiment is to see how can a tint of a color or a color cast can effect the mood, time of day or the location, it may look a tad cheesy yet it remains an experiment & I'm still learning :)

feel free to criticise.

Flash Actionscript3 Parallax effect

Parallax effect is widely used in games but its also used in websites to give that awesome feel to it... its not just like you would just use it because its cool but you'll have to define the purpose behind using it ( it might be just useless ).

below is a demo of one way of doing it, i might do another one that wont require greensock or any tweening engine to get the same effect, & by the way im using TweenNano which is a very light version of TweenMax.



Demo | Download


import com.greensock.TweenNano;
import com.greensock.easing.*;

//ease type
var easeType = Expo.easeOut;
//xmouse will hold x position of the mouse in relation to the center of the stage.
//assuming that the stage center's value is 0;
var xmouse:Number = 0;
// percentage of the xmouse position
var xPct:Number = 0;
// speed or durationl
var speed:Number = 2;

// add event listener based on mouse movement
stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, render);

function render(e:MouseEvent):void
	//if xmouse pos is greater than the center of the stage
	if( e.stageX > stage.stageWidth/2) {

		xmouse= -(e.stageX -stage.stageWidth) - stage.stageWidth/2; //-512

		xmouse = ((stage.stageWidth/2) - e.stageX); //512


	xPct = Math.round ((xmouse/stage.stageWidth) * 200);

	//where will the sky moveclip move to...
	var skyXto:Number = ((xPct/100) * (sky_mc.width - stage.stageWidth)/2) + stage.stageWidth/2;,speed, {x:skyXto, ease:easeType});

	var fieldXto:Number = ((xPct/100) * (field_mc.width - stage.stageWidth)/2) + stage.stageWidth/2;,speed, {x:fieldXto, ease:easeType});

	var grassXto:Number = ((xPct/100) * (grass_mc.width - stage.stageWidth)/2) + stage.stageWidth/2;,speed, {x:grassXto, ease:easeType});


Teambox a twitter like opensource team collaboration platform

Gosh i love it, ever suffered trying to get people within your team or agencies to use the intranet to update project status and or give their feedback?

TeamBox will diff. change that! it's a cool twitter like opensource platform that allows you to share tasks, messages, files, wiki pages etc, its fun and easy to use!
Did i mention that its free opensource? and you can host it at your end too ?

waze a socila mobile application

quicky post

And its coming soon to Bahrain!

have a look at the video guide & for more information visit