how to setup a brand monitoring dashboard using netvibes

The video explains how to setup an online brand monitoing dashboard using free available tools such as google alerts, social mention, techonarti search, twitter search, wordpress search and of course netvibes :-)

In today?s competitive world, it is extremely important to monitor, control and influence the image of your brand and what?s been said about it irrespective of your participation in social media conversations.

Brands are being discussed and an increasing number of conversations are based around such discussions,whether positive & negative, therefor businesses should understand the danger of user generated content from blogs to wikis, from micro-blogging platforms to comlpex social networking platforms as consumer decisions are altered and driven by user online reviews and ratings to a much larger extent today.

The #moonfruit story

If you asked me what moonfruit is 24 hours ago, i would tell you that its a tropical fruit that grows in Africa's huge jungle lol!

But moonfruit isn't really food, its a company that provide a DIY website building tools however, moonfruit are using twitter to spread awareness about the company & the services it provides using twitter! yes twitter ...

if you aren't familiar with what twitter is all about: its a microblogging platform that allows you to push your updates (tweets) of a 140 characters MAX, and maybe thats why twitter is gaining so much attention at the end of this medium, how hard is it to come up with a 140 or less characters update based on your selected topic? beside privacy ( well there isn't much you can add on twitter as in personal information unlike facebook, every single info you add on to your profile is immortalized )

moonfruit launched a simple ( simple errrm i can be flamed here considering the 10 MAC pros )? #hashtag campaign were they have 10 MAC-Pro giveaways, one MAC everyday for 10 days celebrating the company's 10th year anniversary, all what you have to do is tweet their name as a #hashtag ( #moonfruit ).

i picked up the story from one of the tweets and hashtaged their name, 3 hours later my whole list are hash-tagging moonfruit :s!

I consider this as a successful exposure & brand awareness campaign! well done #moonfruit !

Many? people use twitter to reach out their audience, which reminds me of "backer tweet", never had the time to write about this topic, have a look at their site and watch the video on how they are using twitter for their benefit!

Song of the day by David Cook " permanent "

Honda on Failure, dream the impossible

Failure. The mere thought can paralyze even the most heroic thinkers and keep great ideas off the drawing board.
But is failing really that bad? We get an inside look at the mishaps of Honda racers, designers and engineers to learn how they draw upon failure to motivate them to succeed.

From poor color choices to blown race engines, these risk-taking individuals provide an honest look at what most people fear most. Watch the film and discover the upside of failure.

smart microsite concept

Thinking of spreading awareness? thinking of a viral campaign & a word of mouth exposure?

while talking about stickiness im now so attached with the site & it makes me think im a tad cool photographer, besides... the girl on the site is beautiful, have a look at

the site has the characteristics of a well developed microsite, the music, the video and the over all theme makes you want to stick about and take more shots, here is why:

Select your model:

jag-jeans splash

instruction page:


on-site shooting:


create your album:

select your photos

compile and review:

Notice the personalization of the magazine

send it to your friend(s):

sample email received:

my friend's version:

plus, you get to shoot and select your own wallpaper.
P.S i felt in love with the girl, aint she cute :D ?

smart mobile marketing

As we all know & noticed how technology evolved and still moving forward, we have seen the dramatic change in internet users for the past 8 years? from 40,000 internet users in year 2000 to? 250,000 internet users at year 2008 in Bahrain and increasing according to internetworldstats .

With the appearance of social media/networks ( youtube, facebook, myspace, faces etc ...) the internet became a good place to advertise (? wake up!! ), whether to increase brand awareness , driving traffic or populating a prospects database for example.

We are going to see more developments in mobile devices soon, or what so called "? smart mobiles " with GPS, 3G, wi-fi,? and probably wimax in the future , proximity detection allowing ad networks to push data to a device which is near by .

A good example is socialight, with the help of user generated content ( in a social networks like facebook for i.e ) they can recommend a place that they are visiting or visited ( upload text, picture and video ) to their list and mark it map...
Lets say you are going out shopping/dinning and you would like to know where to eat but you are confused, fireup your mobile, start socialight service and based on your location, your friends recommendations will appear on your mobile screen ( proximity ) or ads can just be pushed whenever you are near to a " hot spot" .

"Think Digital"!

This is a great way of using LBS ( location based services )... watch the video below for more info on socialight.

pepsi gets a new look

with strategic help from Edelman, pepsi reached out to 25 "digital and social media influencers" with three separately-shipped packages. The first contained five cans representing logo design from 1898 to 1950. The second contained five cans representing logo design from 1962 to 1998...? read more....