on page seo & off page seo

search engine optimization

Just one thing before i start explaining breifly the difference between the two terms , there is nothing out there called offline SEO , it just doesnt make anysense however , there is the offline marketing if you would like to know more about it .

Now back to our subject , onpage or on page SEO refers to the content ( text , image alts , titles etc...) on your website , the process of making your website visible and highly ranked within SERPS ( Search engine result pages ) , going onwards , its a big world so be careful when you use it ( research blackhat SEO ) .

offpage or off page SEO is related to pagerank , directories & mainly links ( good ones ) pointing at your website or a landing page , this process is usually called link building? .

now i dont want to get it more complicated , more posts about search engine marketing & search engine optimization are coming soon ( well , when i have time ) .

Copycat Ideas ?

In 2005 , a 21 years old student Alex Tew came up with an idea of selling pixels on the web which was one of its kind and makes you go WOW ! ( why didn't i think of that !!!) .

The idea is Basic , selling each pixel for companies that wish to have their ad in that pixel , have a look :

Back then i was wondering why didn't anyone from the region copycat the idea and applied it ( since we are even better than china in doing that , ironically ... )

well guess what i have found one today, here is a comparison between the 2 sites :

original-million-dollar-home-page bahrain company replication of the orginal million dollar web page

however , it might be the same dude which i really doubt , but are we that sad that we cant come up with creative new ideas ?

watch flipcorp with their creative idea , using papervision 3d engine , NOW THATS COOL ! source flipcorp blog ...

Wordpress for IPhone is now Available

Good news for Iphoners , you can update your blog from anywhere using your iphone , features like uploading pictures from the iphone photo album to your blog is a great tool & is available within this version of WP...

watch this

linkage >> http://iphone.wordpress.org/

Feeling negative , down & depressed ??

Maybe you should think twice ...

if you haven't seen " the secret" movie , i suggest that you quit what you are doing right away , get to the nearest DVD shop , Bit torrent site and get it .

i know that its hard to redirect negative energy into a positive ones , but you can start learning how ...

i saw the movie 3 months ago while i was in Jordan , im now days getting more of negative energy unfortunately ( yeah yeah i know i know , my case is a little bit more of a disaster but , when i think deeply about it , its not worth feeling down , am the one who walked into it, im just getting into a wave and i need sometime to get out of it ) ...

here is a long preview ...

stay positive ...

Zainals V3 is up & running

Web design is a process of conceptualization, planning, modeling, and execution of electronic media content delivery via Internet in the form of technologies (such as markup languages) suitable for interpretation and display by a web browser or other web-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Once again ... the image below explains it :

bahrain webdesign


wi-tribe is live !!!

And we are live !! which means im coming back soon after delivering the project .

Many thanks to Saad who have been working along with me to put up the site .


wi-tribe Jordan


wi-tribe Bahrain

Good vs Evil wallpaper

I created the following out of what i felt inside of me , will look good as a Desktop Wallpaper ...
How i feel :

Good & Evil

Women are smart and Evil :-)

-sent me this , and i gotta tell ya , dame its true ...

Off to Jordan

Yes fellas , im off to Jordan to meet the IT troops of the company i work for .
probably for a month or two? or maybe less , gonna miss the one i love ( will she miss me ? ) , gonna miss my family , and you all .

i'll keep ya all posted from there .