Bahrain eGovernment Portal Visual Design Breakdown

I'll breakdown the design quickly,? and spot few issues related to the layout and the visual design of the portal .

The portal is located at, once you click the link you will notice that the link itself is not user friendly nor SEO friendly .

You don't have to agree with everything i say, this is my personal breakdown based on my experience in web design, i like the way the government is trying to get the people to use the portal, but i think they should work harder on the visuals and strictly enhance it .

I'll start by breaking down the site to its original structure layout or what so called "wireframe" :

  • Header & Navigation
  • Content area
  • left page
  • footer

before that lets see how the site looks once we land on the English section:

Who agrees that there is a lot of visual noise specially in the content area ? it makes me feel nervous a little angry !
I don't know where to look, a clutter of information no specific standouts that might aid me in seeking the information that i might be looking for, its been said that users permanently scan for quick?n'dirty-solutions which are ?good enough?,? try to attract the eyes with a standout element .

Seven is the number that human's short term memory can retain ( 5-9 ) looking at many things under one page with no proximity, alignment, or contrast will only end up with user frustration, its always recommended to have the main important info on the first page and make it standout, that's off course determined under a proper information architecture documentation, Ok now lets start ....

Header and Navigation:

  • The header itself has 3 different background colors!!!
  • "welcome @ main"? is almost hidden.
  • The search box to the right is not aligned with the sign in box above it
  • Advanced search " link " is basic and doesn't mix with the theme
  • Im not sure that they should play with the logo like that !

The navigation has 5 ( gradient like ) colors, looking like tabs, the quality of the visuals is low, the designers didnt pay much attention to details .
In my opinion, box it out in one, or free it as text links (CSS themed) which will allow some space or white space, white space is essential, white space is good, don't be afraid to use it, most designers tend to fill in the white space they get scared when they see it ...
combining the 5 colored menu with the 3 colored background = disaster :D

Content area:

Like i said earlier a clutter of information, lack of white space , lack of proximity and alignment .

Left page:
Click the image below...

The footer:


They are really doing a good job by advertising the portal and trying to get people to use it, to maximize this i think they should revamp the site to be visually pleasing.

I still haven't checked the portal functions, navigation & speed.
Did they follow a process or a procedure? what about usability testing? Focus groups ?IA ?

To have a solid website you should consider " site architecture, visual design, content & technology which then leads to user interaction ...

The users nowadays has high expectations towards arising websites with the appearance of social networks sites like youtube, facebook and myspace, it will be hard to please them, 10 years ago we used to design for "Mom & Dad", today we are trying to mix this, which leads us to the usability and user experience war.

Enough said :)

My first AIR application

Now we are talking eyh ? finally understood how AS3 works, i have alot of questions in my mind though ...
Search and experiment should answers the questions ... :)

below is a screen shot of my first adobe air desktop application that reads my feeds from my blog ( ignore the visuals, i was concentrating on the coding part itself :p ) i will bundle it once i complete the functions .

London cabs soon in Bahrain

A fleet of London black cab-style taxis will be operating in Bahrain within days following an initial delay, officials announced on Thursday.

The first batch of 50 vehicles are set to hit the roads by Monday at the latest, a few weeks after the service was originally supposed to start in mid December.

src :
Photo src:

Manama city architecture

City Complex from Rabih Haddad on Vimeo.

src : digitalurban

Bahrain launches e-postal tracking service

Bahrain Post has announced the launch a new service to track letters and parcels online as part of the range of services Bahrain Post will offer through the Bahraini eGovernment Authority (eGA) national portal...

Read more , src :

please note that the service might be "censor enabled" lol .

STC wins bahrain third mobile license

Many thanks to Pedro who submitted STC contact detail

Saudi Telecom company (STC) has won Bahrain?s third mobile network operating licence with a bid of BHD86.7 million (USD231 million), the country?s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced yesterday, breaking the duopoly of state-run Batelco and Kuwaiti-owned Zain. According to Reuters, STC plans to launch its Bahraini operations in the second half of this year and aims to acquire a 20% market share in ten years...

src : aikresearch

3 mobile operators, 1 small island ... do the math .

UPDATE : to apply for a job in STC follow this link STC careers center where you can build your resume-C.V and submit it on-site. Please do not spam me with your C.V's i dont work for STC :)

attention: please note that i dont work for STC and have no or any connections with anyone within STC saudi or STC Bahrain offices.

You can contact them through their website or their email address from their website

I HATE Actionscript 3.0

how often do you hear this ?
lets rollback a little bit, Actionscript is a part of Adobe Flash programming or scripting language, its also used in Adobe AIR/Flex environment.

Personally, i code and publish websites using actionscript 2.0, i find it easier to code & easier to come up with a solution after breaking down problems ( problem solving ) at least thats how i code.
i break down a project into smaller problems and solve each ones individually, however this is not the case here .

When Actionscript 3 was introduced, i though, HEY its Actionscript 2.0 with more features, guess i was right about the features not even close about actionscript 2.

Migration, i thought this wont take much time to catch up with, catching up was OK but applying what i knew in Actionscript 2 in Actionscript 3 is totally a different thing.

AS3 is more likely to be strict, when i first tried writing button functions it took me more time to write a single function than what it takes to write a function in AS2, its about time me thinks, what i don't like in AS3 is the OOP ( this again is a personal opinion ) as designers, we tend to like AS2 because its not so complicated, by looking at tutorials, advanced users tend to use their own classes to build up their projects, which is a good thing, making your code reusable, designers & beginners cant go that deep ( i wounder what adobe were thinking of ), yes designers are frightened to use AS3.

Then stick your ass with AS2 you may think, i would, im still publishing websites @ 2.0, but AS3 and flash player 10 has more features like native XML, Timer, the use of 3D engines like papervision, the new bone & 3D tools in Cs4 besides the tweening & built in motion editor ... i can go on forever, all the cool stuff are being written in AS3, i feel like im forced to learn AS3 because AS2 might become obsolete, just like what happened to our granpa AS1.

i learnt flash on my own when Lee Brimelow published his video tutorial site about 3? years ago(me thinks), i also bought few good books from friendsofed &, the main reason though for any success is practice & practice makes perfect, purchased my own domain name and published my first flash site , started experimenting on my own kid ( V1, V2, V3, etc ... ).

What am going to do is try and develop a flash AS3 flash website of my own, applying all what i know in AS2 in AS3, this would probably make AS3 look brighter in my perspective..
OOP comes in later on once i completely understand how AS3 works, i just wish that Adobe makes it easier for us designers... re-launched !

yes people, we have re-launched along with the release of his new album "whispers" check it out ...
ala ghawas website

google construction services

this doesn't only shows us that its a creative way of stealing the brand name but the logo as well ...