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Flashforward Conference & Film Festival
Austin, Texas
September 11–14, 2006

Join us for our 3-day conference, 1-day of intensive workshops, Adobe's 10th Birthday Party for Flash, and the world-renowned Flashforward Film Festival and Awards Ceremony .

There has never been a more important time to have strong Flash skills. Flash is changing the world of online video, mobile communication, interactive design, application development, sound, animation, and motion graphics.

Why not spend 3 or 4 days with the best minds in the industry to learn from their groundbreaking work? Join us at the largest Flash conference in the world for jam-packed days of Flash® education, information, and inspiration.

Topics include:

  • Accessibility
  • ActionScript
  • Adobe Tool Integration
  • Advertising
  • After Effects
  • Animation
  • Business
  • Case Studies
  • Database Integration
  • Design
  • Flash Video
  • Flex
  • Game Development
  • Mobile
  • Motion Graphics
  • Workflow
  • XML Integration

Free Flash Actionscript Video Tutorials on gotoAndLearn();

This site offers Free Flash-ActionScript Video tutorials Presented By leeBrimelo , A greate guy sharing his knowledge and experience with many users arround the GLOBE !

Here are some related links ... Enjoy


P.S : When i grow up i wanna be like him ;) [lol].

Free PHP video tutorials !

PHP vidz

Many thanks to Leighmat for Taking his time to create FREE online Vidz php tutorials @ http://www.phpvideotutorials.com .

Meet the Block Heads of Designers Block.

Many thanks to spirited for spending her time on making this greate image of all [ almost ] the DB Members :) .

.Net mag 150th Issue Celebration.


One of the most popular cyber space magazines is celebrating its 150th issue .
The 150th issue includes 150 essential web tools and much more …


Quoted from .NETMAG site :

We're celebrating our milestone 150th issue this month, and to honor the occasion we've put together 150 prizes, worth a whopping £10,000, for you to win.

Established in 1994, .net is the best-selling monthly internet magazine. Each month it delivers essential news, reviews, opinions and stacks of practical advice for the accomplished web builder.

Get your collector's copy, with free CSS reference poster, for £4.99 at all good newsagents or order online at www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk


Google, Microsoft and Adobe - The battle for the new operating system

Three years ago mentioning those three companies in the same sentence would seem odd. Even today it may seem premature to assume that the worlds largest software company, a search company (although they're more media company now), and a company best known for design software to be involved in the next generation of the web, but that's where we are. And these three companies are fighting for not only your computer, but your mobile phone and your living room as well.
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 Many thanks to my news reader " Mickey " from the DesignersBlock community .. ;)

Okie , So Where should we apply our pressure !? [ Batelco ,TRA ] ?

Why is the TRA not allocating wireless spectrum?

We have information that applicants, for spectrum have been making Requests since before the deregulation of the market 2 years ago...
As of yet, the TRA continuously claims that it is studying the issue and the problem is the Ministry of transport, not them selves.
This is definitely untrue, as our information says that the MOT has been very helpful and supportive.
Is the TRA in competence killing our alternatives?

Who’s fault is it: Batelco , a company looking after its interest or the TRA ,a deregulator who rather than deregulate is regulating some more ... ?

Zainal OS Simulation …

I have been working on this for 2 weeks now , Its a Simulation of a simple Operating System [ kind of lol ] .

Some asked me Why am i Doing that !!!
I needed somthing to enhance my Skills and learn more about ActionScript & Dynamic Data , more on XML , Mysql , and PHP.

It will include all types of multimedia including audio and Video Streaming , saving User settings [ Background images , Folder Locations , User notes , and many other functionality ] ...

It will look like a good final Project heh ...

Have a look AT ZAINALCO OS
its still under development but as soon as i finish the error handling phase u guys will test the registration at least :)

Survey on UK Internet connection Packages

Many thanks for the Designersblock Community for the feed back .
Now you Bahrainiz , have a look  ... Batelco is invited too , to watch and learn Perhaps !!


Boycottbatelco !! Well , Soon …

WHAT !!! Oh My GoD !!! Listen to this Everyone , specially those from UK AND US .

When you guys ask me , why the f*** do i keep on lagging out ? its because of our Stupid ISP and its Stupid Inet Service , told ya 50 for 512 = for sh*t ! not even close to that ! and now they wanna cut our balls off Watch this ...

Summary :

What has Batelco done ...

Batelco has eliminated the UNLIMITED usage ADSL packages from their offering, and are forcing everyone to migrate to the new packages and risk paying additional fees. Batelco are also lying about this and claiming it is better for users, while it is much worse.

Onward ...
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