Movie recording has been stopped automatically – Canon, PNY ,SanDisk & Transcend

Movie recording has been stopped automatically – ouch!

If you own a Canon t2i (550d) or t3i (600d) & you get the following error while shooting video Movie recording has been stopped automatically then your SD card is not keeping up with the buffer received from your Canon camera. ( buffer overflow / buffer overrun )

I have recently bought a class 10 PNY & I got the same error, users with the following SD cards might run into it:

  • Transcend
  • PNY
  • SanDisk
A quick win/fix would be disabling audio recording, this allow you to record audio-less but without stopping the video recording.


A better fix would be getting a class 10 SD card with a speed higher than or equal to 30MB/s.
Sorry if its too late & you got a slow SD card 😉


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In addition to the three cards you mentioned that might be prone to causing buffer problems, you can also add Duracell, 32 GB, class 10. Mine is causing the same issue.

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