Email marketing best practices

Whether you are using it or not, Email remains the digital marketers #1 choice, its the big block engine that consumes a big share of our digital marketing strategy, using it the wrong way could really harm your entire strategy…

Below is a list of email marketing Do’s, if correctly followed you will notice a big change with your subscribers & your subscribers response rate… to the better off course 😉

Permission permission permission…

“Always use confirmed opt-in, stop spamming people with unsolicited emails which usually gets deleted or junked by smart spam filters

Provide a one click unsubscribe link

“Remember, if the user want to opt out and cant find a way to do it peacfully, the user then will junk you, that means a junk point addition, once you reach your junk points limit, you’ll be black listed ( gmail ), provide a one click opt-out link.”

Provide a hosted version of the email

“Add a link at the top of the email that says “can’t view this email? click here to read it online”, you would never know how the user’s email client behave …”

So you think an inline image is enough?

“Think twice, what if it was stripped by the email client? provide a text version only or a good combination of text & images would do just fine!”

A visible call to action…

“you have sent the email for a reason, provide a clear CTA’s whether an image or text for example [register NOW] [ do something ]…”

Test Test & Test …

“Don’t assume your readers uses the same email client as yours, there are lots of flavours out with different versions, what works with outlook 2007 might dont work with Thunderbird…”

Track it down …

“Whats the email campaign’s open rate? use clear gifs or web beacons to track the open rate & Always track down how they’ve reached the article/product/promotion and through which CTA? was it the image? or was it the text? use advanced google analytics to determine the last, for example ” source=emailcampaign1&ref=image1 ” … or simply checkout

Frequency & Recency

Establishing the Right Email Frequency

One more thing …

“Remember, content is KING!”

Bonus material …

Guide to CSS support in email clients

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